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3 Car Garages

Three-car garages used to be an exclusive element of upscale homes. Nowadays, they are becoming a popular feature for mid-range homes as well. Most families have at least two cars, but the assorted things families accumulate like lawn mowers and motorbikes also seem to make their way into the garage. Soon homeowners find that the typical two-car garage is just not big enough.

This is particularly true for people who do auto restoration or repair work. You will need at least two bays for a single vehicle: one bay for the car and the other for the parts and your workshop. You won’t have the space to store another automobile if you only have a two-car garage. Whether you need more storage room or want to use part of the garage for your hobbies, there are a number of three-car garage plans you can use to expand or redesign the space.

The minimum size for a three-car garage is 30’ by 20’. This will provide just enough space to park three vehicles side by side and maneuver around them. This size is good for people who have a shed or other storage and workspace options on their properties. For those whose garages will serve as the primary storage or working area, then you will want to get something bigger.

A 36’ wide by 24’ deep garage plan will provide you with enough room for your vehicles and some storage. You will be able to park your cars in the bays while still having enough room for a workbench or storage along the back wall. Moving the doors around may produce additional usable space along a side wall. If that is still not enough room for you, you can go even bigger by getting a garage that is 40’ wide and 28’ or 30’ deep.

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Three-car garage designs are great for people who have multiple hobbies like woodworking and auto restoration. With three bays available, you can create spaces for your hobbies as far away from each other as possible but still share the same tools. You’ll gain the convenience of working in one space while avoiding the dangers of having two different hobbies in one place. For example, the hand tools used in both auto restoration and woodworking would be readily available for whichever project you decide to work on that day. However, you won’t have to worry as much about sparks falling on wood shavings and causing a fire.

Most three-car garages situate the vehicles side by side. However, there is another layout that places two cars side by side with a third space intersecting horizontally in the back or front. Many people like this style because they can completely separate their workspace from their cars. It is also good for storing smaller vehicles like ATVs or household items like lawn care equipment. The minimum size you can get for this three-car garage style is 26’ by 20’. Be aware, though, you may need to redesign your driveway as well to provide access to all three garage bays.

The other nice thing about three-car garages is you can actually build a nice size apartment above them. The space can be outfitted with one or two bedrooms, full-size kitchen, bathroom, and living room. If you add an exterior entryway to the suite, you can rent it out for additional monthly income, use as a mother-in-law apartment, or as a private space for guests. If you decide to build a space above the apartment, you have to be careful about what you do in the garage. Fumes, exhausts, and chemicals can still permeate the space and make it uncomfortable and unsafe for anyone living there.

A well-designed three-car garage will fulfill the needs of almost every family. Whether you only need space for your vehicles or you want to create a workspace for your hobbies, a garage of this size can accommodate your lifestyle. It is important, though, to take time to determine exactly what you need in order to get the garage you want. Write down what you will use the garage for and then create a sketch of how everything will fit in the space. If you plan on building on top of the garage, make a sketch of the apartment you want to have there. This will help you and the contractor to pick the best three-car garage design for you.